Post Workout Stretches to Include in a Fitness Regimen — Anthony Karabon

After an intense workout, the muscles often remain stiff and inflexible. Post-workout stretching helps to increase blood flow to the muscles and promote healing to damaged areas. It’s also a way to relax the tensest parts of the body and start the relaxation process. There are specific stretching exercises that people should become familiar with if they want the best post-workouts.

Quad Stretch

The quad stretch is holding onto a foot and pulling it up close to the back. This stretches the quadriceps and other muscles in the thigh and leg. There are many variants to this stretch. Some people find it…

Top Things to do in South Carolina — Anthony Karabon

Aside from the typical vacation destinations, where can people go to enjoy themselves away from home? One city many people don’t think of, but should, is Charleston. This South Carolina hotspot has a lot for locals and visitors to see and do.

Charleston Museum

One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Charleston Museum. While the building itself is modern, the lobby houses a whale suspended from the ceiling. This whale entered the harbor in Charleston in 1880. The museum itself tells the history of the city dating back to 1773.

Waterfront Park

For those who don’t mind some walking, a popular activity…

The Best New Restaurants in Dallas — Anthony Karabon

Hungry diners who enjoy eating out can visit some of the newest restaurants in Dallas, TX. These restaurants offer a variety of meal options along with an assortment of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Many of these new restaurants have also earned positive reviews for their welcoming settings and friendly staff.

Eataly Dallas

Anyone who wants to savor a taste of Italy right in the heart of Texas can order one of the delicious Italian dishes here. Hungry patrons who wish to eat in the restaurant can head to the Terra, which is located on the third floor of this establishment, and choose…

2021’s Best Cruise Destinations — Anthony Karabon

Many of the world’s top cruise destinations are waiting to be explored in 2021. From natural wonders and exotic locales, visitors will have the chance to see and experience many wonderful things when they book a cruise that includes stops at the best places. Visiting any of these destinations as part of a cruise this year can make a trip at sea even more enjoyable.

Alaska’s Inside Passage

As the cruise ship travels through the calm waterways of this coastal part of Alaska, people can view fjords and rainforests along the rugged coastline. Spectacular glaciers that look like giant ice crystals can also…

3 Tips for Taking a Cruise After Covid-19 — Anthony Karabon

The cruise industry is planning for a post-pandemic world that allows travelers to experience the delights of life on the water while simultaneously keeping them safe from potential COVID-19 outbreaks. Determining the boundaries between public health safety measurements and personal freedoms and desires while on vacation might be a challenge, but companies are confident that they can introduce measures to encompass all aspects of cruising. Vacationers who aspire to return to the seas, rivers, or other water byways should anticipate a variety of changes when they resume cruising. Here are some tips for taking a cruise after COVID-19:

Be Prepared for Pre-Travel Medical Requirements

Some cruise…

How to Make the Most of a Layover — Anthony Karabon

An inevitable part of flying is dealing with layovers. And while some are only long enough to transfer from one plane to another, others are longer. Rather than dreading an extended layover, travelers can embrace the following ideas for enjoying it.

A long enough layover is an excellent opportunity for travelers to see a city they might not otherwise see. Even if all they have time to do is take a quick walking tour, enjoy a meal based on local cuisine, and maybe even purchase a souvenir. In almost every city layovers commonly occur and have something to offer. …

How has Covid-19 Changed Travel Insurance Purchases — Anthony Karabon

The relationship between the fallout of COVID-19 on travel and the travel insurance industry has been direct and not difficult to understand in a general sense. That is, a lot less travel resulted in far fewer travel insurance policies sold through 2020.

On the other hand, the pandemic produced a boom in sales of travel insurance in other ways.

A closer look illuminates some interesting breakdowns about how travel insurance has changed, including key shifts in the demographics of travelers.

A Change in Demographics

Up until pandemic times, older America purchased the majority of travel insurance policies because they did the most traveling to…

5 Summer Travel Destinations — Anthony Karabon

Traveling for the summer season is something most people look forward to all year long. The destination they choose can make all the difference in how fun and memorable a vacation is. Here are the top five summer travel destinations.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a top vacation spot with so much to see and do, where it’s summer all year long. Its many shorelines make it a popular destination for those who enjoy lounging on the beach. But San Diego has so much more to offer, including its world-famous zoo and attractions such as Balboa Park. For those that can appreciate…

Tips for Traveling Internationally During COVID-19 — Anthony Karabon

Amid COVID-19, some individuals are looking to get into traveling abroad. Understandably, many may have stayed home for weeks or months at a time and are looking to get away for a while. It is an exciting thing to travel or get away with family & friends. However, there are certain techniques and tips that one must do to make traveling enjoyable, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. In this piece, we will go over the best things that one should avoid doing to have a great time traveling internationally during COVID-19.

As much as we would like to go on…

Best US Road Trips to Take This Year — Anthony Karabon

Thanks to its diverse climates, which leads to different natural environments, the United States offers many different memorable road trips. Since this is such a long list, only the top three have been listed below. However, these three U.S. road trips offer many different types of experiences.

The Great Northern Route

The Great Northern Route is a must-do that should be on anyone’s bucket list. It’s also what many views as the top U.S. road trip. The Great Northern Route is on Route 2. It begins in Bangor, Maine, and continues to Seattle, Washington. This route can also be taken from west to east…

Anthony Karabon

Anthony Karabon, based in Dallas, Texas, is the Managing Director for the Midsouth Region at the Dave Cantin Group

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